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in the giveway of
1 000 BTC

During this unique event we will give you a chance to win 1 000 BTC, have a look at the rules and don`t miss on your chance

For example
Send 0.1 BTC to receive 0.2+ BTC back
Send 0.2 BTC to receive 0.4+ BTC back
Send 0.3 BTC to receive 0.6+ BTC back
Send 0.4 BTC to receive 0.8+ BTC back
Send 0.5 BTC to receive 1+ BTC back
Send 1.5 BTC to receive 3+ BTC back
Extra bonuses
0.1 BTC = 5% bonus
0.2 BTC = 10% bonus
0.3 BTC = 20% bonus
0.5 BTC = 25% bonus
0.7 BTC = 20% bonus
0.9 BTC = 40% bonus
We believe that Blockchain and BTC will make the world more fair/ To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, We decided to run 1 000 BTC giveaway.
To participate you just need to send from 0.1 BTC to 1.5 BTC to the contribution address and we will immediately send you back 0.2 BTC to 3 BTC (x2) to the address you sent it from.
To make a transaction, you can use anu wallet or exchange to patricipate!
Once we receive your transaction, the outgoing transaction is processed to your address
Once we receive your transaction, we will immediately send the requested amount back
Every address that is sent too late, gets their BTC immediately sent back

490 BTC already sent to participants!

Hurry up and take part in the giveaway!
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490 BTC
1 000 BTC

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Q8ykR2tlcw... cI4g33e8nK... OUT right now 0.2 BTC
cI4g33e8nK... Q8ykR2tlcw... TO right now 0.48 BTC
v0qUkwRwp8... YKKsuCUUBE... OUT right now 0.2 BTC
YKKsuCUUBE... v0qUkwRwp8... TO right now 0.48 BTC
ObuAu8H6uQ... h04JaCByLL... OUT right now 0.3 BTC
h04JaCByLL... ObuAu8H6uQ... TO right now 0.75 BTC
lfYL8D20jh... VxlQuuKIQd... OUT right now 0.1 BTC
VxlQuuKIQd... lfYL8D20jh... TO right now 0.22 BTC
Ge7rb1OTbf... 8FlPVQtNwe... OUT right now 0.1 BTC
8FlPVQtNwe... Ge7rb1OTbf... TO right now 0.22 BTC